Magical Vegtibles - The Game

Magical Vegtibles: The Game is an RPG in the works. It is being reworked right now.


It is a normal day in the Vegtible house. Luis was watching a movie, Sam was in the living room fantasizing about Benedict Cumberbatch, Tristan was asleep, Josh was practicing sports, Shaira was reading a book, and Buttler was cooking a delicious breakfast. Suddenly, a very loud noise is heard, and all the residents are knocked out. After waking up, they notice that Buttler is missing, and they find a note in the fridge that Butter left for them, saying how he kidnapped Buttler and that if the gang wants him back, they must defeat Butter and all his army.


There are, so far, 5 characters (additional characters are being discussed):

  • Luis
  • Tristan
  • Josh
  • Shaira
  • Sam