Below is a list of the held items and consumables present in the game. Each character can have a maximum of 4 held items.



  • Ointment: Cures Burning.
  • Bandage: Cures Bleeding.
  • Antidote: Cures Poisoning.
  • Eyedrops: Cures Blindness and Paralysis.
  • Hot Chocolate: Cures Freezing.
  • Honey: Cures Muteness.
  • Painkillers: Cures Headache and Migraine.
  • Holy Water: Cures Haunting.
  • Magic Elixir: Cures all negative status effects.


  • X-Small Health Potion: Restores 150 Health.
  • Small Health Potion: Restores 300 Health.
  • Medium Health Potion: Restores 500 Health.
  • Large Health Potion: Restores 750 Health.
  • X-Large Health Potion: Restores all Health.
  • X-Small Mana Potion: Restores 75 Mana.
  • Small Mana Potion: Restores 150 Mana.
  • Medium Mana Potion: Restores 300 Mana.
  • Large Mana Potion: Restores 500 Mana.
  • X-Large Mana Potion: Restores all Mana.
  • Heart Potion: Increases max Health by 50.
  • Star Potion: Increases max Mana by 25.
  • Fury Potion: Increases Attack by 15.
  • Sturdy Potion: Increases Defense by 15.
  • Agility Potion: Increases Speed by 15.
  • Rainbow Potion: Increases all stats by 15.


Key Items

Key Items are either found or given through quests. They cannot be sold.

  • Flashlight: Illuminates dark areas and decreases the chance of Flinching.
  • Snowshoes: Allows movement on deep snow and decreases the chance of becoming Frozen.


  • Blazing Guard: Reduces damage from Fire attacks.
  • Aquatic Guard: Reduces damage from Water attacks.
  • Rocky Guard: Reduces damage from Earth attacks.
  • Windy Guard: Reduces damage from Air attacks.
  • Electrical Guard: Reduces damage from Storm attacks.
  • Plant Guard: Reduces damage from Grass attacks.
  • Dark Guard: Reduces damage from Shadow attacks.
  • Shining Guard: Reduces damage from Light attacks.
  • Frozen Guard: Reduces damage from Ice attacks.
  • Robotic Guard: Reduces damage from Mechanical attacks.
  • Ancient Guard: Reduces damage from Dragon attacks.

Blood Types

Blood Types are a unique item because of their rarity, and once a character is given a Blood Type, it cannot be changed later. Each character may only have one Blood Type, so choose wisely.

  • Liquid Blood: Increases resistance to Burning by 50%.
  • Clotting Blood: Increases resistance to Bleeding by 50%.
  • Remedial Blood: Increases resistance to Poisoning by 50%.
  • Rapid Blood: Increases resistance to Paralysis by 50%.
  • Hot Blood: Increases resistance to Freezing by 50%.
  • Glowing Blood: Increases resistance to Blindness by 50%.
  • Explosive Blood: Increases resistance to Muteness by 50%.
  • Clear Blood: Increases resistance to Headaches by 50%.
  • Crystal Blood: Increases resistance to Migraines by 50%.
  • Steel Blood: Increases resistance to Confusion by 50%.
  • Pure Blood: Increases resistance to Haunting by 50%.