NPCs, or Non-Playable Characters, are various characters that you will meet along your journey. This includes merchants and guides.

Recurring characters

  • Old Man: The first character you meet on your journey. He gives ominous advice and warns the player of incoming dangers.
  • Eris: One of two shopkeepers you can find anywhere. Eris is very flamboyant and sells potions. He has a not-so-secret crush on Cronus.
  • Cronus: One of two shopkeepers you can find anywhere. Cronus is much more serious than Eris and sells battle items. He tries to hide his mutual crush on Eris.
  • Dog of Wisdom: A corgi who dispenses wisdom from his mighty wisdom tooth. You will find him in any dojo where he will help you if you get stuck, or need to improve your skills in combat.
  • Gerbachanglio: A mysterious, eccentric man. Upon gathering seemingly random items for him, he will give you his special brew in return.
  • Nurse: A usually female character that offers to heal your party, and some medications. Nurses can be found in any pharmacy.