A Rinmaru Version of her... don't worry, she does not smoke! XD

General Info

Name: Shaira Sultana
Gender: Female

Born in March 2001
Country: Bangladesh
Ethnicity: Bengali

Personal Info

Good at: Chinese language, Singing, Rapping, Tongue Twisters, Henna designing, Babysitting, Procastinating, Sleeping.

Sucks at: Dancing, Drawing, Explaining anything, Cooking, Gamerias, Calligraphy.

Loves: Friends, Music, Desi vibes, Books, Tigers, Flipline, Rudy, Zayn Malik, Amy Lee, Spicy food, Mangoes, Korean guys, Arab guys, Music, Science, Stars, Rain, Ixora, Cricket.

Hates: Homework, Textbooks, Teenage, Annoying people, Betraying people, Toddlers, Cyberbullies, Light Pollution, Horror films, Reality, Anti-feminists.

Pros: Cheerful, Friendly, Mature, Sensible, Smart, Empathetic, Kind, overall a beauty with brains. (NOT BRAGGING)

Cons: Conservative, Slightly homophobic, Emotionally unstable and sensitive, Procrastinator, lazy, either lacks confidence or over-confident, Talkative, Ambiguous.

Stuff about her

  • Can do all household jobs except cooking.
  • Daddy's little girl.
  • She is very liberal and cultured.
  • She cannot draw well but in case of stitching clothes and making floral henna tattoo designs, she's an expert (didn't mean to brag lol...).
  • She loves babies but hates toddlers.
  • Her memory is poor.
  • She will listen to any song if she likes it.
  • She's a vitiligo patient.
  • Her forum name is SuperCub.
  • She has no Facebook account.